Eleizar Suth’Kumre

The Drow "Inn Master" of the "Saucy Eladrin" in New Olde Town.


Eleizer is a Reformed Drow who came to New Olde Town 60 years ago. Fleeing the oppressive regimes of the Underdark, He found a friendly, if slightly suspicious, welcome from the Founders of the town. After adventuring for several years himself, Eleizer returned to New Olde Town to set up a tavern, down the street from the world-famous Sixty-Ton Tankard. He named it The Saucy Eladrin after a fellow adventurer with whom he’d had relations on his travels. Calling Himself the “Inn Master” of his Inn, He has become quite popular over the last 50 years, with nearly as many regular patrons as his competitors Clan Ironbeard.

His demeanor is stoic and his gaze piercing, many are intimidated by Eleizar’s mannerisms, but once he recognizes someone as a regular, he softens considerably. Quick to tell of His escape from the Underdark, and likewise quick to caution against venturing there, Eleizar is considered the best source for information regarding the Underdark, the Drow, and the monsters that lurk there.

Eleizar Suth’Kumre

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